Nonsintetic Project is a design firm with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. We do architectural, graphic and web design, DTP for print. We also handle back-end and front-end programming for web.

For architectural projects we offer a full range of services. We can design your building, draft architectural plans and work with structural and specialty engineers. We've been in business since 2009 and have worked on both large and small scale projects. For professionals we can also do architectural visualization work on existing designs. Since most of our work has been in Romania, we specialize in local building standards. But for special projects we can work according to specifications from different parts of the world, or just collaborate with a local firm that already has expertise in local building laws.

Our web department can design and build websites ranging from small personal websites to large online portals or complex web apps. We specialize in front-end design and programming, but we can handle back-end projects as well.
For small presentation websites or landing pages we prefer to work with our own in-house CMS (content management system), based on Kirby CMS. It's small, very lightweight (the cms part is around 500kb) and doesn't require a database at all.
For medium and large websites we prefer to work with either Joomla 3.0 or Wordpress. These popular platforms are the most commonly used CMS in websites today. For online stores we prefer to work with Opencart or Magento, but have experience with other platforms as well.
For special projects or complex tasks we prefer to custom-make a CMS tailored specifically to the client's specifications, the same goes for websites with lots of content and a focus on performance.

All our front-end designs are responsive and follow W3C specifications, especially with regards to SEO best practices. As a philosophy we try to keep everything clean and simple as far as code is concerned, we shy away from overly complex and over-engineered code. Keep it Simple Stupid is always our mindset. We also try to avoid using pre-made templates or other such resources when building websites, we always opt to write our own code from scratch and design our own front-ends unless the client specifies differently.

Graphics-wise we mainly specialize in advertising-related materials, we do a lot of posters and marketing materials for large and small companies alike. We can also design brand identity on any scale, from just a simple logo to a whole brand-book/style guide. We also work DTP for print, we have done several magazines and books for local and international publishers.